Appendix E. Hsqldb Test Utility

$Date: 2004/06/18 13:04:05 $

The org.hsqldb.test package contains a number of tests for various functions of the database engine. Among these, the TestSelf class performs the tests that are based on scripts. To run the tests, you should compile the hsqldbtest.jar target with Ant.

For TestSelf, a batch file is provided in the testrun/hsqldb directory, together with a set of TestSelf*.txt files. To start the application in Windows, type:

    runtest TestSelf

The new version of TestSelf runs multiple SQL test files to test different SQL operations of the database. All files in the working directory with names matching TestSelf*.txt are processed in alphabetical order.

You can add your own scripts to test different series of SQL queries. The format of the TestSelf*.txt file is simple text, with some indentation and prefixes in the form of Java-style comments. The prefixes indicate what the expected result should be.

See the TestSelf*.txt files for actual examples.