Appendix F. Database Manager

Fred Toussi

HSQLDB Development Group

$Date: 2004/06/18 14:24:42 $

Table of Contents

Brief Introduction

Brief Introduction

The Database Manager tool is a simple GUI database query tool with a tree display of the tables. Both AWT and SWING versions of the tool are available and work almost identically. The AWT version class name is org.hsqldb.util.DatabaseManager; the SWING version, org.hsqldb.util.DatabaseManagerSwing.

The AWT version of the database manager can be deployed as an applet in a browser. A demo HTML file with an embedded Database Manager is included in the /demo directory.

When the Database Manager is started, a dialogue allows you to enter the JDBC driver, URL, user and password for the new connection. A drop-down box, Type, offers preset values for JDBC driver and URL for most popular database engines, including HSQLDB. Once you have selected an item from this drop-down box, you should edit the URL to specify the details of the database or any additional properties to pass. You should also enter the username and password before clicking on the OK button.

The AWT connection dialogue allows you to save the settings for the connection you are about to make. You can then access the connection in future sessions. To save a connection setting, enter a name in the Setting Name box before clicking on the OK button. Next time the connection dialogue is displayed, the drop-down box labeled Recent will include the name for all the saved connection settings. When you select a name, the individual settings are displayed in the appropriate boxes.

The small Clr button next to the drop-down box allows you to clear all the saved settings. If you want to modify an existing setting, first select it from the drop-down box then modify any of the text boxes before making the connection. The modified values will be saved.