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Current Graduate Students
Michael Dixon   Variation in the host use of Mordellistena convicta on Solidago altissiima in the Prairie vs Forest Biomes


UMD undergraduate Jessica Strange, and Kyoto University Ph.D. student Yoshino Ando studying goldenrods from the US and Japan in a common garden In Kyoto, Japan.
Sarah Assefa and Mike Fudala collect insect population data on Solidago altissma at the
UMD Research Farm on Jean Duluth Road.


Student UROP projects:
Olufemi (Gabriel) Ekisola "Testing the Differences between Wing Patterns of Forest and Prairie Sub-Species of the Host Race Species of Eurosta solidaginis on S. altissima, current
Mike Fudala "Global comparison of Insect communities on Solidago atissima," current
Jessica Strange "An analysis of variation in plant architecture and insect community structure in tall goldenrod (Solidago altissima) in Eastern Minnesota, 2004
Jessica Strange "A regional analysis of the affect of goldenrod (Solidago altissima) gall size on the ovipositor length of the prasitoid wasp Eurytoma gigantea 2003
Mike Eskelson Wing Morphology of Eurosta solidaginis: An examination of the hybrid zone between the forest and prairie biomes of Minnesota, 2003.
Kevin Johnson "Variation in host plant ploidy levels in a gall -forming fly," 2002
Jeremy Marincel "Selective pressure on gall size by bird predation," 2002
Catrina Whitehead, "Wing morphology as a basis for measuring reproductive isolation among populations of Eurosta solidaginis," 2002
Jeremy Marincel "Oviposition Preference and Offspring Performance in a Bruchid Beetle," 2000