Tim Craig
Head, Department of Biology

Office: Swenson Science Building Rm 207D
Phone: 218-726-8123
FAX: 218-726-8142

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Tim Craig is Professor of Biology at University of Minnesota in Duluth. He is currently serving as Department Head. He teaches Entomology, Evolution, Coevolution of Animals, Plants & Microbes, Seminar II, special topics in Undergraduate Research and Graduate courses for the Integrated Biosciences Masters and Ph.D. program.. His current research centers on the impact of resource variation on the evolution and population ecology of insects. He is actively involved in research on speciation and geographic variation of the Tephritid Fly Eurosta solidaginis on Goldenrod Solidago sp. in Minnesota; evolution of indirect interaction webs on native and introduced Solidago sp. in Minnesota and Japan; preference/performance of Awafuki (spittlebugs) Aphrophora pectoralis on Willows (Salix spp) in Japan; and impact of urbanization on native trees and bruchid beetles (Mimosestes amicus, M. ulkei and Stator limbatus) populations in Arizona.

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Courses Taught

At University of Minnesota Duluth
     Coevolution of Animals,
              Plants & Microbe
     Biology Seminar
     IBS Integrated Evolutionary Processes

Other Courses Taught
     Insect Ecology
     Ecology and Conservation
     Modes of Biological Thought (Scientific writing)
    Organic Evolution



Current Local Research
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Speciation and geographical variation in Eurosta solidaginins and its host Solidago species


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Selected List of Publications:

Craig, T.P. 2012

Craig, T.P. and J.K. Itami. 2011. Divergence of Eurosta solidaginis in response to host plant variation and natural enemies. EVOLUTION 65:802-817.

Craig, T. P. 2010. The resource regulation hypothesis and positive feedback loops in plant-herbivore interactions. POPULATION ECOLOGY 52:461-473

Craig, T.P., J.K. Itami and J.V. Craig. 2007. Host plant genotype influences survival of hybrids between Eurosta solidaginis host races. EVOLUTION 61:2607-2613.

Craig, T.P., J.K. Itami and J.D. Horner. 2007. Geographic variation in the evolution and coevolution of a tritrophic interaction. EVOLUTION 61:1137-1152.

Craig, T. P. 2007. Evolution of Plant Mediated Interactions. Pp 331-353. in: T. Ohgushi, T. P. Craig, and P.W. Price (eds.) Ecological Communities: Plant mediation in indirect interaction webs. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. UK.

Craig, T.P.and J. K. Itami. 2008. Evolution of preference and performance relationships, Chapter 2, In: Tilmon, K. (Ed.) Specialization, Speciation, and Radiation: The Evolutionary Biology of Herbivorous Insects. University of California Press, Berkeley.

Craig, T. P. and T. Ohgushi. 2002. Preference and performance in the spittlebug, Aphrophora pectoralis on four species of willow. ECOLOGICAL ENTOMOLOGY 27:529-540.

Craig, T. P., J. D. Horner and J. K. Itami. 2001. Genetics, experience and host plant preference in Eurosta solidaginis: implications for host shifts and speciation. EVOLUTION 55:773-782

Craig, T. P., J. K. Itami, W. G. Abrahamson, J. D. Horner and J. V. Craig.  1999 Oviposition preference and offspring performance of Eurosta solidaginis on genotypes of Solidago altissima.  Oikos 86:119-126.

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Additional Research

Tri-trophic Ecology of the Arroyo Willow, Tenthredinid Sawflies, and Parasitoids

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