RTMC data archive download site

MnDOT RTMC, Traffic-Data Download Utility
Provided by Dr. Taek M. Kwon

A huge amount of traffic data is continuously collected by the Regional Trasportation Management Center (RTMC), a division of MnDOT. The raw data are collected at every 30-second from loop detectors and Wavetronix radar sensors implemented around the Twin Cities Metro freeways and Rochester, 24/7. If you are looking for any past traffic data (volume, occupancy, and speed), those can be retrieved using the software utility named getTraf_data. This software retrieves data directly from the MnDOT Mayfly traffic data server.

  1. Download the latest getTraf_data software package from the Dr. Kwon's Software Download Page (presently V1.0 is the latest version) and install it on your PC (only available for MS Windows). Read the User Manual if help is needed.
  2. Find the detector IDs you are looking for using Detector Map.
  3. Run getTraf_data, enter detector IDs separated by comma, select the dates using the provided calendar tools, and then click a button that matches with the data type you are looking for. It presently provides, 30-sec vol, occ, and spd; hourly vol and spd; daily vol; spd histogram.