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Tim Roufs' Family and Friends
Celebrating Memorial Day 2020 in COVID-19 Style
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Paul Buffalo

Family Information 

Life on the Mississippi

Home Address:
1006 Mississippi Ave.

N 46° 48.911 W 092° 05.584

N 046° 48.965
W 092° 05.550
Alt. 1,484 ft.

general map 

map from The University of Minnesota Duluth 

Thumbnail of map to Mississippi Ave. 

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DuncanDuncan and Tim and Kim Roufs

9.5-month-old Duncan with Tim, and Kim



Claire Kathleen and Tim Roufs Reading Animal Stories.  February 2010.

Claire Kathleen and Tim Roufs Reading Animal Stories
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Bear at Birdfeeder

A neighbor stopping by for lunch

Bigger neighbor stopping in for lunch

Another, bigger, shyer, neighbor stopped by for lunch

Bear eating sunflower seeds while waiting for apples to ripen.

L'orso fills up on sunflower seeds
while waiting for the apples to ripen
(14 August 2006)


L'orso's "friend" arrives and serves as the lookout.
(31 August 2006)

Bear walking around yard.

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On a hot day the big bear cools off in the little pool....

On a hot day the big bear cools off in the little pool.    On a hot day the big bear cools off in the little pool.


And then has a post-soak lunch....

And then has a post-soak lunch....


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Duluth News Tribune
(Thursday, October 11, 2007, pp. A1, A5)

"Picture proves mountain lions prowl Northland. The image of a mountain lion captured on a trail camera near Floodwood might bring an end to the debate over whether the large cats prowl the Northland."



Cougar pair spotted fighting in northern Minnesota 

-- DuluthNewsTribune (12 November 2016)


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And the fox . .  like this one,
but the Mississippi Ave. fox is to sly and shy to have it's picture taken
(I'm told she lives under the neighbor's porch with her two kitts . . .)

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Ducks in backyard

Ducks and other birds
join the squirrels for lunch

Deer at Bird Feeder

Another regular visitor

Deer in backyard
And in winter the friends visit often

Very large buck and pheasant.

And Fawzi, the feasant,
pays no attention

Deer and pheasant.

And check out new neighbors


Roufs Family Photos

Roufs' Tree 1006 Mississippi Ave.


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