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Alworth Institute About Us

About the Alworth Institute:

The Royal D. Alworth, Jr. Institute for International Studies (The Alworth Institute) was established in 1987 by the Alworth family to commemorate the life and interests of Royal D. Alworth, Jr. In line with those interests, the Alworth Institute aims to engage students, staff and the wider public in open discussion, for educational, social and democratic purposes, of a wide range of international issues and of their domestic implications.

The objectives of the Alworth Institute are to:

  • promote knowledge and understanding of both topical, and enduring, international and global issues amongst students, staff and the community served by UMD;
  • provide accessible seminars, public lectures and conferences on international issues in ways likely to promote international understanding, enhance democratic discussion, negotiation and reconciliation;
  • articulate international issues and any domestic implications in ways that help further discussion nationally and locally;
  • act as a shared community resource, on issues relating to international studies, with the wider community served by UMD.

 "The role of the Alworth Institute is to create an academic and social space for the public discussion of a whole range of international issues currently under-reported in the media. We supply the information and the opportunities to discuss; you make up your own mind on where you stand."

Dr. W. Henderson
Former Director of the Alworth Institute




Christian, Cindy


Munger, Julie

Program Associate

Hanson, Thomas

Diplomat in Residence

Henderson, William

International Associate
Falk, Dennis Associate
Arthur, John Associate

Advisory Board of the Alworth Institute

“As a Board, we support the Alworth Institute’s actions to promote global awareness and international understanding through education and public outreach. We expect the Institute to examine global trends and their likely regional impact.”

  • Mrs. Royal D. Alworth, Jr.
  • Mr. Royal D. Alworth, III
  • Dr. Ajit Das
  • Ms. Helena Jackson
  • Mr. Michael Jaros
  • Mr. Michael Mullins
  • Mr. Matthew Thibodeau
  • Mr. Jason Reid, UMD Student Representative