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 Campus Climate

Meeting 1: Agenda

  • Campus Change Team
  • August 24, 2011
  • Kirby 268 from 10:00 – 11:30 am
  1. Update on the CCT recommendation to LT
    1. CCT Recommendation to LT (Attachment-previously distributed)
    2. CCT Alignment of Strategic Planning, CCT Recommendations, Student FocusGroup Recommendations, Ongoing work (Attachment)
    3. CCTLT Meeting #9 with details (2 Attachments) and LT final endorsement of Priorities
  2. Relationship between Strategic Planning Goal 2
    ( ) and Campus Change
    1. Develop a definition of diversity for the campus adoption (October 2011)
    2. 2011-12 CCT Goals – see CCT charge below
      1. Form subgroups around LT Priorities/Strategic Planning Goals – include others?
      2. Liaison between UCT and CCT
      3. Timeline
      4. Other
    3. Communication to UCTs – see UCT charge below (early Sept)
    4. Communication to deans, vice chancellors, directions, commissions (early Sept)
      1. Priorities and timeline
      2. Update membership on UCTs
      3. Other
  3. Student Focus Group Report and LT Response (2 Attachments)
    1. Posted on the CCT website
  4. Other

Charge to the Campus Change Team

  1. Foster development of campus equity and diversity action plans.
  2. Research plans with respect to feasibility, cost and timeline.
  3. Make recommendations to the Leadership Team.
  4. Build and maintain liaison with the other campus units, campus populations and the community
  5. Facilitate publicity and promotion of events and programs that contribute to an inclusive
  6. campus environment.
  7. Provide regular reports to the Leadership Team and the campus.

Charge to the Unit Change Team

  1. Develop and recommend equity and diversity action plans to Unit or to Campus Change Team as appropriate.
  2. Report to Dean, Vice Chancellor or Director.
  3. Respond to and work with Campus Change Team and Unit.

Meeting 1: Summary

Susana and Bilin reported that the Leadership Team discussed the recommendations and action steps in the 2010-11 CCT Annual Report, noted their alignment with the Strategic Plan, and endorsed the general priorities described in the CCT Report. CCT members recognized that CCT and UCTs work during 2011-12 will focus on implementing action steps. Members also discussed how best to support the work of the UCTs and how to strengthen the relationship between the CCT and UCTs. A preliminary discussion of CCT 2011-12 activities took place.

Definitions of diversity, equity and social justice (Strategic Plan Goal 2.1) prepared by Susana were used as a starting point for developing definitions for campus review. A subcommittee will work on this and bring draft definitions to the next CCT meeting.

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