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 Campus Climate

Campus Climate Response Team


The University of Minnesota Duluth seeks to “create a positive and inclusive campus climate for all by advancing equity, diversity, and social justice.” The Campus Climate Response Team was created to respond to issues or incidents that degrade or threaten the campus climate and that require a response beyond that provided by established processes.

Campus Climate Response Team (CCRT)

The Campus Climate Response Team (CCRT) reports to the UMD Chancellor, and has the following responsibilities.

  • The CCRT develops and facilitates the implementation of a timely and appropriate response to a campus climate incident.
    • CCRT evaluates and analyzes an incident, CCRT coordinates a “real time” response, involving all critical parties and/or stakeholders.
    • CCRT coordinates communication with the campus, public, media, etc. in a timely manner.
  • The CCRT receives data from other processes and offices that also respond to campus climate incidents. CCRT conducts regular reviews of the data to analyze how incidents are handled on campus and to identify trends and patterns occurring over time.
  • The CCRT provides regular reports summarizing campus climate incidents to the campus in order to ensure transparency (see below).
  • The CCRT designs and recommends strategies to improve responses to issues and incidents and addresses outcomes of data analyses. This includes recommendations for programming, education and other proactive approaches.

CCRT Membership

The CCRT comprises a visible, high-level core (or “front-line”) team. It includes broad representation, and convenes ad hoc teams as the situation demands.

  • Vice Chancellor for Student Life and Dean of Students, convener
  • Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
  • Vice Chancellor for Finance and Operations
  • Assistant to the Chancellor for Inclusive Excellence
  • Director of Human Resources and Equal Opportunity
  • Director of the UMD Police Department
  • Director of External Affairs


Actions that undermine and damage a safe, respectful and diverse campus climate should be reported (see the box to the right). After a report has been made, referrals may be made to any member of the CCRT. Upon receiving a referral, the following steps are taken.

  • The Vice Chancellor for Student Life and Dean of Students will convene the CCRT (and others as appropriate) immediately.
  • The CCRT will review and analyze the issue and either 1) delegates it to an appropriate UMD office or 2) convenes an ad hoc team based on the specifics of the incident.
  • If the CCRT creates an ad hoc working group, the ad hoc group will take the following steps:
    • The ad hoc group will gather information.
    • The ad hoc group will identify any need for further investigation.
    • The ad hoc group will assign responsibilities (including further investigation, if needed) and coordinate actions.
    • The ad hoc group will communicate with the CCRT, stakeholders, and other constituents.
    • The ad hoc group will debrief and report at the conclusion of the process.

The CCRT Response Protocol is also shared through this flow chart.

CCRT Reports

Summary information about reports of issues and incidents that degrade or threaten the campus climate can be found at this link (PDF). In addition, summaries of the CCRT’s analysis of campus trends may be found below.



I am a Student

I am an Employee of the

I am Other (visitor, parent, campus neighbor, etc.)

I am not ready to report, but want to talk to someone

Keep the following questions in mind when reporting the incident:

  1. What happened?
  2. Who was involved?
  3. When and where did it happen?
  4. Is this a recurring problem?
  5. Who else was present who could help describe the event(s)?


Office of Equal Opportunity
255 Darland Admin. Bldg.
Phone: 218-726-6827

Office of Cultural Diversity
270 Kirby Student Center
Phone: 218-726-8444

Health Services (Medical, Counseling)
104 Health Services Building
Phone: 218-726-8155

Office of Student Conduct
245 Kirby Plaza
Phone: 218-726-7255


Police 911

Program for Aid to Victims of Sexual Assault (PAVSA)
Phone: 218-726-1931

St. Luke’s Hospital
Phone: 218-249-5555

Essentia Health (St. Mary's Hospital)
Phone: 218-786-4357

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