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Academic Affairs Report

The AAUCT has had a productive fall, with sub-groups coming together several times this semester.

  • Tuesday 10/25, 3:30-4:30 PM in Darland 430
  • Friday 10/28, 3 PM-4PM in Darland 430
  • Monday 10/31, 3 PM-4PM in Darland 430
  • Friday 11/14, 8:30 - 9:00 AM in Darland 430
  • Tuesday 11/15, 3:30-4:30 PM in Darland 430
  • Wednesday 11/30, 3:-4:00 in Darland 430

This is a diverse team representing many levels of UMD. The membership consists of the following individuals led by Dr. Tim Holst and Elias Mokole.

AAUCT Student Subgroup

  • Erin Olson, Admissions
  • Brian McInnes, Education
  • Jeni Eltink, First Year Experience
  • Jackie Onchwari, Education
  • Linda Kinnear, Academic Administration

AAUCT Staff - Subgroup

  • Liz Benson Johnson, Library
  • Amy Renne, SCSE Student Affairs
  • Jody O'Connor, Financial Aid/Registrar
  • Kurt Guidinger, LSBE Student Affairs

AAUCT Faculty - Subgroup

  • Jill Doerfler, American Indian Studies
  • Emmanuel Enemuoh, Mechanical /Industrial Engineering
  • Linda Kinnear, Academic Administration
  • Amanda Evans, ITSS
  • Rajiv Vaidyanathan, Marketing

There have been a number of important suggestions have come from the AAUCT this semester. A lot of these are very much action-based steps, and a strong desire for realized and direct change highlights these meetings. A general sentiment is that we need to combat both attitudinal resistance to diversity and change initiatives (students and employees), but also how to combat the institutional barriers that let people fully participate in change work (ie. over-flowing work responsibilities).

Some of the suggestions include the following:

  • having a diversity day event during welcome week
  • creating a new position at UMD who could give workshops for students and faculty/ welcome week workers/ seminar instructors, as well as how to integrate diversity and change content into curriculum.
  • removing barriers between faculty and staff interaction - or at least creating more opportunity for such positive interaction
  • work to creating more transformative change processes (that needs longitudinal and direct planning and support) for students and employees ... than just the occasional diversity focused seminar. What about instead of "tech camp" we institute a diversity or intercultural competence camp experience that could span a dedicated number of days or weeks across a semester
    It could be a requirement? But it has to be framed in a way that people want to do it, and that they are provided with the proper institutional support to attend (not just one more thing to do above and beyond everything else).
  • providing a cross-campus understanding that transcends the "single story" paradigm.
  • looking at the "climate issues" for both diverse employees and students.
  • Providing materials and experiences for all faculty about how to emphasize diversity and climate issues to students in the classroom. Part of new and continuing faculty mentoring and in-service.
  • Could demonstrating "diversity" be a required part of syllabi?
  • More directly supporting and and advertising diversity/ social justice events like keynote speakers or the "Land of Plenty".

*Subgroups currently reviewing the Change Team Definitions. Feedback to come :)

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