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 Campus Climate

CEHSP Unit Change Team (Social Justice Action Coalition)

Report of Action Items
Spring 2011

List of members
Evie Campbell-Social Work
Lea Carr-American Indian Learning Resource Center
Kathy Dowell-Psychology
Shannon Godsey – Communication Science Disorders
Ron Haglund, OEE, ISD #709, Community Partner
Janelle Herry-Student, CCT
Chang'aa Mweti-Education
Lori Sanchez, Facilities
Paula Pedersen, Psychology, CCT, Unit Change Team Chair
Mikosa Redetzke, Advising and Academic Services
Mark Zmudy-Health Physical Education Recreation

1. Campus Climate and Intergroup Relations

1. Develop a shared and inclusive understanding of diversity
2. Improve campus climate for all who study, work and visit the University

CEHSP is creating two youtube videos on the importance of multiculturalism in CEHSP and at UMD. These will be unveiled spring, 2012 and will be available from the CEHSP website.

3. Engage external community partners, alumni and donors in developing strategies to advance inclusion, equity and diversity

CEHSP is partnering with ISD #709 and the PASS (Parents and Students Succeeding) program through a variety of course and program efforts. Ron Haglund, Director of Education Equity is a community partner on our unit change team.

2. Representation: Access and Success

1. Recruit, retain and graduate a diverse student body

The University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD) Advising and Academic Services Office for the
College of Education and Human Service Professions (CEHSP) is working together with local community groups to support CEHSP Students. Research indicates that students who are involved in communities connected to their campus have a greater chance of degree completion, while students who must rely only on their own support networks are more likely to transfer or dropout. UMD’s VELCRO Connect program will aim to increase the retention rate of student, transfer students, students in needs for the 2011-2012 school year.
• Increase its retention rate.
• Increase the graduation rate.
• Increase academic achievement of students minority student groups.
• Increase satisfaction with university.
• Decrease amount of transfers each semester due to dissatisfaction.
• Increase community knowledge about CEHSP Programs.

• VELCRO Connect will establish a network of faculty/staff and community representatives who will volunteer to support and guide students through the college experience. All students involved will be incoming new student and current enrolled students for the 2011-2012 academic year.
• VELCRO Connect will match mentors and students by prospective career goals when possible.
• VELCRO Connect will give multiple training sessions to mentors throughout the semester.
• Velcro Connect will host 4 events a year to encourage community interaction with our students.
• We will survey to students and mentor at the end of the year to find out how to structure the program from year to year.

Preliminary Outcomes (Fall 2011):
• 256 Students Signed up
• 184 Student met with family in the community a min of 2x this semester
• 216 Families volunteered their time and home
• Currently we have 12 Students not continuing the program during the fall
• 62 of Students participating were 1st generation college students.
• Many stories of families assisting our students in all areas of life.

2. Recruit, retain and develop a diverse faculty and staff

3. Education and Scholarship

1. Develop curricula, pedagogies, and research that foster inclusivity, accessibility and cultural competencies

4. Institutional Viability and Vitality

1. Develop leadership and management capacity around equity and diversity work
2. Coordinate organizational change to support diversity goals


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