Understanding Global Cultures
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Understanding Global Cultures

 Fall Semester 2016

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Ganges: The River to Heaven

(52 min., 2003, UM Duluth Library Multimedia - DVD (BL1243.76.V382 G35 2003)

Ganges: River to Heaven

This film Contains Grahic Images
  • A documentary film produced and directed by Gayle Ferraro
  • Director of Photography - Laurie Gilbert
  • Editor - Keiko Deguchi
  • Aerial Productions (USA)

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City of Varanasi site

MPR: Going to die by the Ganges



1,251,695,584 (July 2015 est.)
Age structure:
0-14 years: 28.09% (male 186,735,337/female 164,835,868)
15-24 years: 18.06% (male 119,933,717/female 106,153,113)
25-54 years: 40.74% (male 262,700,370/female 247,237,448)
55-64 years: 7.16% (male 44,993,382/female 44,620,337)
65 years and over: 5.95% (male 35,313,609/female 39,172,403) (2015 est.)


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"This documentary explores one of the most cherished of Hindu religious aspirations: to die in the city of Varanasi, on the banks of the sacred Ganges, in the faith that dying here assures liberation from the cycle of earthly life."


"In the city of Kashi the power of Ganga, the Hindu mother-goddess of the Ganges River, is strongest. Each dawn she calls her children to the ghats, the steps leading down to the water's edge. The young and strong purify themselves in Ganga's polluted waves. The old and the infirm, too weak for rituals, wait for death. In time, Ganga carries their souls, released from the bondage of reincarnation, to heaven. Their bodies, as ash afloat her crests or flesh submerged in her depths, return to the river. Once privy only to the dead and those who mourned them, the final journey of the devout Hindu is the subject of Gayle Ferraro's latest film, 'GANGES: River to Heaven.'”

"Filmed in a hospice for the dying and on the ghats of Kashi, India's religious heart, 'GANGES' follows four families' struggle to grant a loved one's final wish: to go to heaven. In their common quest the families become a fraction of the hordes of Hindus drawn to Kashi's holy promise of freedom from reincarnation. As the clans prepare for death, the citizens of Kashi manage life—praying for health, dumping industrial waste, begging for pocket change, bathing their children, selling to tourists, monitoring fecal chloroform levels, cremating their mothers-—all along the banks of the Ganges River. The families' preparations go virtually unnoticed on the river, where death is a daily part of life."

"GANGES: River to Heaven investigates the inextricable bond between a river and its people with unparalleled intimacy and depth. From the ghat workers gathering wood for the next cremation, to the chemists gathering water samples for contamination testing, each perspective sheds new light on India's evolving society and its unchanging veneration of the Ganges. The documentary of a sacred river, polluted from years of overuse, 'GANGES' wonders if the natural force strong enough to sculpt the peaks of the Himalayas and the beliefs of a nation will survive the adoration of generations to come."

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