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 Culture and Personality 

(Psychological Anthropology)

  Margaret Mead
 Zhuangzi dreaming of a butterfly
(or a butterfly dreaming of Zhuangzi)


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I talk about the sense of time in Culture and Personality.  One example I use is being in something like an in-progress auto accident where one has no control on the outcome.  I point out how the time slows down, like a Japanese film sometimes portrays rapid time in very slow motion.

I ask the students if they ever were in an auto accident and experienced that sense of changed time.  In a class of twenty-five there will be four or five that have, and I ask them to talk about the experience.

One time students were explaining how time slowed down in their various auto accident experiences.

We came to the last student who had her hand up.  She was from Edina or Minnetonka

"Yes," she volunteered cheerfully. "I was pulling the car into the garage and somehow I hit the accelerator rather than the break.  And as I was about to go through the back wall of the garage, it was JUST like you described, Professor Roufs . . ."

". . . Both times."


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