Visualization and Digital Imaging Lab
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2005 Summer Research Reports

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Margot Bergstrom Graduate Student under Prof. Allen Mensinger, Biology
Digitally tracking movement of an exotic fish to curtail migration into the Great Lakes

Mark Harvey Theatre
Pursuing the theatrical design attributes of both GarageBand and ProTools

Joseph Beer Graduate Student under Prof. Tim Demko, Geology
Three-Dimensional Visualization of Late Triassic Landscape Evolution of South-Central Utah

Saiyam Kohli Graduate Student under Dr. Ted Pedersen, Computer Science
Visualizing Relations Between Concepts in WordNet

Josh Jacobs Graduate Student under Prof. Joseph Gallian, Mathematics
Rendering Mathematical Concepts through Visual Media

Rob Wittig Art+Design
Complex Visual/Verbal Timing and Layering in Information and Expressive Displays

Mary Ann Marchel Education
Using Assistive Technology with Children and Youth with Disabilities