Welcome to Lake Superior! The creatures here are scared of you!

When you first encounter the Lake, you will see the native creatures swimming around happily and hear the gentle waves of Lake Superior.

If you scare them away, invasive species will try to take over the Lake. You'll hear the creepy, slimy sounds of the lampreys.

You can try to catch the invasive species to push them out of the Lake. The native creatures will return when they see there are no more scary shadows.

How does this work?

With a web camera we can see the shadows created by moving in front of the projector. The shadows are processed and sent to the fish who try to stay away.

The project was developed by a small team in the VizLab at UMD. Lisa Fitzpatrick, the Director of the VizLab, spearheaded the project. Eric Stykle, a Graphic Design Masters student, created the beautiful illustrations and animations. Michele Clark, a Computer Science Masters student, made the fish come alive.

Where can I see this?

The Great Lakes Aquarium will be debuting Repel the Invaders along with the Aquatic Invaders exhibit in a special members only event on Tuesday June 26th 5:00 - 7:00 pm and will be open to the public from July onward.


The best way to prevent invasions by exotic fish and plants is to prevent their spread. If you are an angler or boater, follow these tips:

- Remove any mud, plants, fish, or other animals before transporting your equipment

- Eliminate water from your equipment

- Clean and dry anything that came in contact with the water (boats, trailers, equipment,
clothing, dogs, ect.)

- Never release plants, fish, or animals into a body of water unless they came out of that body of water