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UMD CLA Writing Studies

Writing Internships for Writing Studies Students

Students who major in a Writing Studies program benefit enormously from internships in business and organizations. Through the Department of Writing Studies, students may earn credit for internships in Information Design, Journalism, and Professional Writing.

Plan NOW to apply for a writing internship! Following is all you need to know about eligibility, and you can view all of our postings below.

Assistant Public Relations Director, 2012 Grandma's Marathon - applications closed Dec. 10, 2011; the 2013 internship will open for applications in fall 2013

Professional Writing Intern; Web Developer, Arrowhead Regional Arts Council, Duluth

Publishing Intern, Lake Superior Magazine, Duluth

Professional Writing Intern; UMD Office of External Affairs, UMD Campus

Marketing Intern, WDSE-WRPT arts programming, UMD Campus

Professional writer, Wildwood Wildlife Rehabilitation, Duluth

Eligibility for earning credit for internships

Generally, students engaged in an internship for credit must:

Eligibility differs somewhat for different types of internships, however, and the information below lists specific requirements for internships in Information Design, Journalism, and Professional Writing. Under some circumstances the internship coordinator or a faculty member may waive one or more of the eligibility requirements. Keep in mind that the eligibility and completion requirements for internships apply only to those internships for which students earn credit; a student who chooses to not earn credit for an internship may still wish to list the experience on his or her resume.

Finding out about internships

Department of Writing Studies faculty and administrators are regularly informed of businesses and organizations in this community and others that are looking for interns. When we receive new information about an internship, we often communicate that information through e-mail to all students enrolled in the department's majors and minors. In addition, we also post information on the bulletin board outside the department's offices--420 Humanities Building--as well as at the bottom of this Web page.

Students may learn of internship opportunities through their own connections and networking, especially when opportunities exist in other parts of Minnesota or across the U.S. No matter what the source of information about a potential internship, students must visit with the Internship Coordinator and create a file if they hope to earn credit.

Creating a file

Students seeking an internship for credit should visit briefly with Internship Coordinator Marty Sozansky and file several documents with her. Contact Marty by e-mail ( or phone (218-726-8485). Students who earn credit for an internship must file the following materials, either in hard copy or by creating an e-Portfolio file to share:

Applying for an internship

Once you have filed required materials with the Internship Coordinator, go ahead and contact the person specified in information about the internship. That person may ask to see writing samples ahead of time, or you may be able to schedule an interview immediately. Remember at all points in the process that this is no different from applying for a job, and all of the conventions apply:

Registering for credits for your internship

Once you have secured the internship, you will need to register for credits, just as you register for any other course at UMD. You should print a copy of the Placement Agreement and work with your supervisor at the internship site to fill it out. That's important because the Placement Agreement

Once you and your employer have signed a Placement Agreement, take it to the Internship Coordinator, who will give you a number to register for credits, based on the following:

1 credit = 3 hours/week for 15 weeks OR 45 hours total

2 credits = 6 hours/week for 15 weeks, or 90 hours total

3 credits = 9 hours/week for 15 weeks or 135 hours total

You must be registered for the internship at the time you execute it. that is, you cannot decide that you would like to register for and earn credits for an internship after you have completed it. If your internship will not coincide with a regular academic term, discuss with the Internship Coordinator well in advance how registration should be handled.

During your internship

Halfway through your internship, ask your supervisor to fill out the Mid-term Evaluation, and see that it is forwarded to the Internship Coordinator.

Completing your internship

At the end of your internship, ask your supervisor to fill out the Final Evaluation, and see that it is forwarded to the Internship Coordinator.

In addition, before you earn a grade (Pass or Fail) for your internship, you will need to forward to the Internship Coordinator clips of your work (at least three), as well as an essay in which you reflect upon your internship. It should be 4-5 pages long, covering the following:

Once these materials have been reviewed, the Internship Coordinator will post your grade.

Eligibility for internships:

To be eligible for an internship in Information Design, you must have:

To be eligible for an internship in Journalism, you must have:

To be eligible for an internship in Professional Writing, you must have:

Internship Opportunities for Writing Studies Students

Internship opportunities listed below may be currently open and represent opportunities for students immediately, or the employer/site may be regularly seeking interns for an upcoming academic term. In all cases, a dated notation following the posting provides that information.

36th Annual (2012) Grandma's Marathon Assistant PR Director

Applications must be received by December 1, 2011


Bob Gustafson, Public Relations Director


A full description of the internship opportunity

Arrowhead Regional Arts Council

1301 Rice Lake Road, Suite 111

Duluth, MN 55811


Robert DeArmond, Executive Director

Samuel Black, Assistant Director


Job Description:

The successful intern will need to be comfortable creating in a digital world, juggling different types of projects, and working in a collegial, collaborative environment.

Agency Description:

The Arrowhead Regional Arts Council awards grants to individual artists and nonprofit arts organizations in the Arrowhead region of Minnesota. ARAC is one of eleven Regional Arts Councils in Minnesota. Its mission is to "facilitate and encourage local arts development."

Note: This is a new internship opportunity for UMD Writing studies students in 2012. Posted November 2011.

lake superior magazineLake Superior Magazine


Konnie LeMay, editor


Job Description:

Your internship at Lake Superior Magazine will introduce you to the publishing business and you will experience everything from planning to production and marketing. Opportunities for writing may include reviews and short articles for the magazine and the Web site. The successful intern working onsite at Lake Superior Magazine will be interested in learning about the publishing of a bimonthly magazine, and will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement. The full experience will reflect the intern's skill level and will include shadowing or interviewing in each of the departments--publisher, advertising, marketing, customer service, and circulation--to give a complete picture of the business. Lake Superior Magazine will accept at least one intern each semester, generally for 20 hours a week.

Business description:

Lake Superior Magazine, a family-owned publication, is published for the audience that resides in and visits the region surrounding Lake Superior, including Ontario, Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota. It balances need-to-know and want-to-know solid journalism with lighter lifestyle, recreational, profile, and travel articles.

Note: To apply for an internship, please send your work and education resume, several published clippings or photographs, and a cover letter outlining your goals and available starting date. Posted November 2011.

UMD Office of External Affairs

315 Darland Administration Building


Cheryl Reitan, Assistant Director of Public Relations and Marketing


Job Description:

Cheryl Reitan directs the work of writing interns who are assigned to

Interns are encouraged to work on a regular schedule throughout the semester and to have the opportunity to participate in day-to-day activities associated with UMD's presence in the media. Successful interns are fast and prolific writers who are able to write stories for multiple audiences.

Program/Unit Description:

External Affairs provides information to internal and external audiences and contact with the media in order to support the University while fostering a relationship of goodwill and understanding with UMD alumni, the community, and beyond. The UMD Office of External Affairs is responsible for producing a number of official communications pieces for the campus and for providing professional advice to departments.

Note: Fall 2011 was a transition time for the department; currently there is no Writing Studies intern in the UMD office of external affairs. Contact Cheryl Reitan for opportunities spring semester. Updated November 2011.


632 Niagra Court *(UMD Campus)


Karen Sunderman, Producer/Writer


Job Description: Karen Sunderman is seeking students who may be interested in an internship marketing WDSE-WRPT's arts program, The PlayList ( This is aposition on campus, ideal for someone seeking experience developing a social networking/brand building startegy. The successful candidate will be able to assess and meet the needs of the arts community/audience, possess good writing skills, work creatively and independently, and pay close attention to detail.

Note: Posted November 2011.

Wildwoods Wildlife Rehabilitation

Duluth, MN area


Dr. Peggy Farr


Job description:

The successful intern will have a genuine interest in, and willingness to ask questions about, the work Wildwoods does. Once data-gathering is complete, the intern will need to work on his or her own and be self-motivated in completing projects. The organization owns no facility, and rehabilitators and volunteers are devoted wholly to their important work with the animals.

Organization Description:

Wildwoods Rehabilitation is a non-profit wildlife rehabilitation effort whose participants are qualified to work with orphaned and injured animals and return them to their natural habitat. Mammals (including squirrels and chipmunks) as well as birds are cared for by rehabilitators and volunteers on private property before being returned to their natural lives.

Note: This is a new internship opportunity for UMD Writing studies students in 2012. Posted November 2011.