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First - Year Undeclared Students

First-Year Undeclared Students

A few things to keep in mind as you begin your first semester at UMD:

    It is okay to be undecided about your major. Research suggests that being undecided is often an optimal way to begin your college career.

    Selection of a major should not be haphazard. A process of personal exploration and career investigation will lead you to a satisfying choice.

    UMD offers many resources to assist students through the major decision process & in career exploration.

    As an undeclared student, you will select your first and second semester courses primarily from UMD's Liberal Education Program. This will provide you with a great opportunity to explore a variety of fields as you complete part of your core degree requirements.

    Typical Program of Study

    The UMD Bachelor of Arts degree requires a minimum of 120 degree credits consisting of a major, a minor or double major, an upper-division composition course, and the liberal education program. Students successfully completing 15 credits a semester during four years at UMD and following the requirements for the B.A. degree should graduate in four years.


  • Liberal Education Program and satisfy preparation deficiencies (if this applies to you).
  • Register for Liberal Education courses that match your interests and abilities.
  • Review the UMD Catalog to become familiar with majors and minors offered at UMD.
  • Read the course descriptions in the UMD Catalog & relate courses that interest you to potential majors.
  • Enroll in a sampling of the required lower division courses for the majors and minors that interest you. These courses often also fulfill portions of the Liberal Education Program.
  • Create a list of courses that you are interested in enrolling during your first year of college.
  • Meet with your academic advisor to discuss how your interests relate to majors & the world of work.
  • Research a variety of careers.
  • Maintain a strong grade point average so that more options will be available to you. GPA Calculator


  • Continue to make progress within the Liberal Education Program
  • Begin major and minor requirements
  • Prior to reaching 45 completed credits: DECLARE MAJOR
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