Fall 2010
September Topics Homework Due Terms, Ideas
W 9/8
Introduce class
Introduce Visualized Data Project
F 9/10 Troubleshoot Chapter 1 of CIAB.

Discuss Tufte's Chapter 1 in relations to Visualized Data Project
Chapter 1 (Work Area), Classroom in a Book (a.k.a., "CIAB"), pages 11-54.

Obtain all books, USB drive

Create the suggested set of folders on your drive.

Read Edward Tufte's Chapter 1, starting page 13
M 9/13
Clickable URLs in Moodle forums

Optimizing, Resaving, Uploading image files

Troubleshoot C2 CIAB

Discuss datasets
CIAB 2 (Photo Corrections)

Report on a "data set"
W 9/15 Help Session CIAB 3

Optimizing and Uploading image files from CIAB 2 and 3

CIAB 3 (Retouching and Repairing)  
F 9/17 Help Session for Excel Charts

Screen Shots and Photoshop

Discuss datasets
Using the online tutorial Excel 2008 for Mac: Charting, create a chart in a style of your own choosing from data I will provide  
M 9/20
Discuss datasets

Help Session CIAB 4

CIAB 4 (Selections)  
W 9/22 Help Session CIAB 5

Maps (.psd files from US government)

Receive Reading Guide for Tufte Chapter

Transformative Definitions
CIAB 5 (Layers)  
F 9/24 Discuss Tufte's Chapter 2

See Gerrymandering (Wikipedia)
Tufte Chapter 2, "Visual and Statistical Thinking"

Complete the Reading Guide and be prepared to copy your answers into an email at the beginning of class.
M 9/27
Help Session 9 (Vector Drawing)

Complete discussion of Tufte's C2

See Gerrymandering (Wikipedia)
CIAB 9 (Vector Drawing)  
W 9/29 Help Session CIAB 6

Complete discussion of Tufte's C2

CIAB 6 (Masks and Channels)  
October Topics Homework Terms, Ideas
F 10/1


M 10/4
Studio Session for Visualized Data

Tip: quick grid lines in Photoshop

Bring in all materials for the studio session
W 10/6 Discuss Visualized Data guidelines, examples, techniques Work on your Visualized Data Project for Thursday  
Thursday 10/7 Visualized Data due by noon    
F 10/8 Introduce Confection Project

Concepts for Confections
Visualized Data commentary due  
M 10/11
Understanding Tufte's Visual Confection Read Tufte Chapter C7 (121)
Complete Reading Guide
W 10/13 Visual Analogies as Backgrounds

Complete Tufte

Periodic Table of Visualization
Prospectus for Confection

F 10/15 Discuss "Visual Analogies as Confection Backgrounds" "Visual Analogies as Confection Backgrounds" exercise using the Periodic Table of Visualization

Sketch for your proposed Confection idea
M 10/18
Confection Studio Session    
W 10/20 Criteria Checklist of Confections Bring in all materials for the studio session  
Thursday, 10/21 Visual Confection due by noon    
F 10/22 introduce Narrative Title Sequence Project Visual Confection commentary due  
M 10/25
Title Sequence Screen Shot Activity McCloud Chapter's 2 and 3

sample title sequence URL and analysis
W 10/27 Title Sequence Screen Shot Activity (completed)

Comics and video (McCloud Chapter 4).

Ken Burns' Effect in iPhoto
McCloud Chapter 4

3 possible sources for Narrative Title Sequence Project
F 10/29 Exercise: iPhoto Slideshows into Quicktime Movies

Prospectus for Narrative Title Sepuence Project  
November Topics Homework Terms, Ideas
M 11/1
  McCloud Chapter 5, Living in Line  
W 11/3 Camera Work

Exercise: Quick Human Figures (sillhouettes)

Ants Farms and Camera Work

Discuss McCloud's panels from Chapter 5 and shots/edits from sample sequences

Discuss tables tracking shots in a sequence
In a seven-row table in a Word file, chart McCloud's six kinds of montage (editiing) across an entire title sequence. Save the Word file and attach it to reply in the forum, "Shot Tracking."  
F 11/5 Camera Work 2

verbal plan for your title sequence  
M 11/8
Visual Rhetoric of Title Sequences
Discuss specific panels from McCloud's Chapter 5 and sample title sequences.
W 11/10 Background Music (Audacity)
Exercise: "Editing the Length of Audio with Audacity and Adding it to an iPhoto Slideshow."
Come in with a storyboard of your Title Sequence

Come in with a sound file
F 11/12 Techniques in your Storyboards Complete Audacity exercise if necessary
Work on your storyboard, project
M 11/15
Studio Session

Title Sequence Project Studio Session
Bring in all materials for the studio session  
W 11/17 Criteria Checklist of NTSP


Title Sequence Project due by noon
Bring in all materials  
F 11/19 Title Sequence Project commentary due

Introduce the Essay and Visual Project
M 11/22
  Come in with three possible images or screen shots for the Essay and Visual Project  
W 11/24      
F 11/26 R 11/25 THANKSGIVING    
M 11/29
Context Come in with the image you have selected for your Essay and Visual Project.  
December Topics Homework Terms, Ideas
W 12/1 Information Design in Images & Writing Critical Paragraphs Essay & Visual Project: Topic and Context Form.

Bring Tufte book and the handout "Three Paragraphs...."
F 12/3 Visual Design Bring your McCloud and Tufte books

Write two paragraphs combining details of context with details of information design and/or visual design.
M 12/7
Conferences (MonH 209) Sign up for a Conference via our Wiki  
T 12/7 Conferences (MonH 209)    
W 12/8 Thesis Statements, Visualizing Your Argument.

Essay due a week from today

How would we visualize our youth culture sample?
F 12/10 Thesis Statements, Trailer Tropes, Beginning an Essay.    
M 12/13
Studio Session Bring in all materials for the studio session  
W 12/15 Conclusions

Essay Due at the Beginning of Class
Friday, December 17
8 a.m. to 9:55

(4230 Wed 12/22 8 am)
Visual Paratext to the Essay due online with the URL posted to the Moodle forum "Essay and Visual URLs" by 8 a.m.