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Collaborative Revision Process

Extra-credit on a revision of major assignment is a collaborative process, which will be guided by a formal, prior Revision Contract between us.

This contract will specify a clear timetable, and must be negotiated and signed no later than three complete weeks before the end of regular class meetings.

Here's how the process works.

1. We will first meet to discuss the original project and discuss a plan for revision. We will agree on the terms and timetable and sign a Revision Contract. This meeting must take place no later than the fourth week from the end of classes.

2. You will revise the original to a substantial degree (rather than just fixing details), and turn it in to me by the due date.

3. After I have evaluated the first revision, we will meet again to discuss it, and I will ask you to revise the project a second time based on our discussion.

4. You will submit the second revision by the agreed-upon due date. If improvements are substantial, original, and successful, I will accept the revised project for extra credit. I will factor in the new grade with the old grade (2/3 new, 1/3 old) for a revised grade on the assignment.

Missing deadlines will cancel our agreement and the opportunity for revision.