Blackboard for 5/3 (Thursday, Week 16)


bullet Roll

bullet Confection Project

I will be sending you feedback on your Confection Projects within the next day.

bullet Time Line for the Rest of the Semester

Between now and 4 p.m. Wednesday 5/9

  • Work on your ReVision project.
  • Be sure not to overwrite the original version of the project. If you're revising an electronic project, be sure to save it in the "revision" folder inside of "3220" and leave the original as it was.

By 4 p.m. Wednesday 5/9

  • Turn in your ReVision Project. See the assignment page for details of turning in an online project vs. a print project.
  • For online projects, post them to the Web (inside of a "revision" folder inside of "3220')
  • Visit the project with your browser and copy the URL to a message to the Webx discussion "ReVision URLs." Also paste in the URL of the original version of the project
  • Write a self commentary on your ReVision Project and place a paper copy in my mailbox in Humanities 420.

If you would like feedback and/or the grade on this project, send a request by e-mail to me asking for either feedback, the grade, or both.

Course Evaluations

  • Call # 47594
  • Semester #5

confection project

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