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University of Minnesota Duluth

Environmental Education for Teachers - Educ 5236


General Course Information

Course Agenda

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January 20

Supporting Resources:

January 27

Everyone Reads:

Jigsaw Readings:

Supporting Resources

February 3

Don't forget to prep for the Commoner's Law activity: ideas for a bumper sticker and a poem related to your assigned Commoner's Law.

Jigsaw Readings:

  • Questions for discussion with both readings:
    • Why the Environment as the base for education rather than something else? Why not some other discipline, like social studies or science?
    • What is the value of an Environment Based Education?
  • Group 1 Read: "Using Environment Based Education to Advance Learning Skills and Character Development"
  • Group 2 Read: "Environment Based Education: Creating High Performance Schools and Students"

February 10

Everyone Reads:

February 17

Everyone Reads:

February 20-21 (Weekend at Laurentian)

Jigsaw Readings:

March 23

Everyone Reads:

April 6

Everyone Reads:

April 13

Please read the following background information on writing grants before class on April 13. The information has been designed for the National Science Foundation (NSF), but think about the general applications of NSF's advice as you read it.

Step 1:
Step 2:
Step 3:

Supporting Materials:

April 20

Everyone Reads:

May 4

Everyone Reads:

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