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Anthropology of Europe
fka Peoples and Cultures of Europe)

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Europa and the Bull, Moreay.

Europa and the Bull

Enlèvement d'Europe
  Nöel-Nicolas Coypel, c. 1726

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Map of the European Union.
larger map of the European Union

EU map.
EU Countries

Flag of Europe.
anthemOde to Joy

European Union (EU)

Europe HomePage

List of European Countries, Cultures, Regions and Territories
with EU countries marked

see also individual listings of
countries, cultures, regions, and territories listed alphabetically:
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European Map with EU Information --

European Union -- Wikipedia
European Community -- Wikipedia
Europe -- Wikipedia

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"United in diversity"

News Items

"EU approves Bulgaria and Romania"
reads today's BBC News headlines of 26 September 2006
EU expansion in maps

Europa -- Gateway to the EU"

Much discussion surrounds the expansion of the EU:

Joined in 2004: Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia

"EU chief urges enlargement pause"

"Many countries on the EU's plate"

"EU hopefuls face further tests"

"HAVE YOUR [BBC] SAY: Are Bulgaria and Romania ready to join the EU?"

"Q&A: EU enlargement"

"EU clash over immigration"

"'Gradual access' for EU entrants"

"Bulgarian worker fears 'abused'"

"Leaving Bulgaria for the UK?"

"Watch the EU grow"

and so on . . .

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