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Understanding Global Cultures

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Global Cultures
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Course Review Fall 2004

THE BEST THING I LIKED about this class was . . .

  1. I liked learning about the other cultures.
  2. I liked learning from other students.
  3. stories
  4. movies
  5. foreign speakers
  6. the wide variety of foods
  7. I liked it when Suz wore a cute little dress.
  8. vanna white
  9. I loved it when John played Sven Trebek while hosting the oh so popular tv show Jeopardy...
  10. power points
  11. I enjoyed pizza and watching the movie about the American Metaphor
  12. Playing Games
  13. Chocolate from Belgium
  14. learning about the metaphors used for each country.
  15. I liked the speaker from Belgium.
  16. I liked Suz's outfit, also.
  17. presentations
  18. when people made games for projects
  19. i liked geting to know everyone
  20. Morris Levy and CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!
  21. Roufs

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THE THING I LIKED LEAST about this class was . . .

  1. The presentations were a lot the same near the end of the semester
  2. not enough places to sit
  3. i agree
  4. this
  5. i agree
  6. reading
  7. ditto
  8. power points
  9. sss
  10. redundant
  11. hour and fifteen minute class
  12. the paper
  13. tests
  14. Elliot
  15. wearing that little dress that i thought i was gonna pass out in
  16. The power point presentations got kinda old, and I didn't like losing in staring contests.
  17. the paper also
  18. the outdated videos
  19. i never got morris's number...and not enough food...
  20. 4
  21. suz
  22. Videos also
  23. reading the books
  24. i disliked the boring group presentations.
  25. cramming for the Metaphor paper

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