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Understanding Global Cultures

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Global Cultures
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Course Review Fall 2005

THE BEST THING I LIKED about this class was . . .

  1. I liked getting to know everyone in my presentations groups . . . and learned a lot about different cultures.
  2. Roufs's stories
  3. I enjoyed learning about all of the different cultures. They all were very interesting!
  4. I like learning about Champagne, I thought that was interesting and I also liked the GC Forum for being able to ask questions to other students.
  5. I liked the videos.
  6. I really liked the small class size. It was very personal.
  7. Omg. I liked writing the term paper, yeah.
  8. I enjoyed watching footage of Mexican-type people getting drunk on homemade liquor. That was muy hilarioso. Ok
  9. i liked not getting homework
  10. Hearing Roufs stories on day, then hearing the exact same storie the next class period.
  11. the stories
  12. I liked being able to use our notes and books on the tests!!
  13. I liked learning about different cultures!
  14. I enjoyed learning about Belgium from that Belgian guy.
  15. that surprise pizza party was pretty gnarly
  16. ditto
  17. I liked doing those awsome group projects.
  18. The "America" presentation by Roufs!
  19. I liked being able to teach in presentations rather then listening to lectures.
  20. the dinner at Roufs' house when we all met each other

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THE THING I LIKED LEAST about this class was . . .

  1. Writing the term paper
  2. ditto
  3. The GC forum. It had no point
  4. The GC forum, i didn't take any part in that, i forgot about it.
  5. essay tests
  6. droning is never a good quality
  7. The group presentations
  8. The Forum!
  9. Oh thats right...i forgot about the forum too!
  10. watching presentations every day
  11. "Distant Mirrors"
  12. term paper
  13. Writers' cramp from taking long written exams. I like typing better.
  14. I thought the online example exam was saying that we could pick which countries we would do, for x and y, and I ended up getting like a c- on the test cause of that... my bad.
  15. The essay-formatted tests
  16. the videos
  17. how I procrasonated the reading until the day before the exam
  18. I wasn't to crazy about the term paper either.
  19. essay tests!!!!
  20. being the last to finish for the first test

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