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Anthropology in the News


Thursday, 04 June 2020, 10:15 (10:15 AM) CDT, day 156 of 2020

Prehistoric Cultures

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Thursday, 04 June 2020, 15:15 (03:15 PM) GMT, day 156 of 2020
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Homo naledi

In the News

 Professor Lee Berger of Wits University explains what his team found

  BBC News


  Homo habilis

Homo naledi -- Wikipedia

In the News . . .

From Texas A&M Anthropology in the News . . .

  • New Human Species Discovered Science (2015-09-10)

    1. New Species of Human Ancestor Is Found in a South African Cave New York Times (2015-09-10)
    2. A New Human Ancestor Arises From The Depths Of A South African Cave Forbes (2015-09-10)
    3. Homo naledi: New species of ancient human discovered, claim scientists Guardian (2015-09-10)
    4. New human-like species discovered in S Africa BBC News (2015-09-10)
    5. South African Cave Yields Strange Bones Of Early Human-Like Species NPR (2015-09-10)
    6. Homo naledi, a new species of human, discovered in a cave in South Africa Telegraph (2015-09-10)
    7. New species of human relative discovered - podcast Guardian (2015-09-10)
    8. First look: How scientists discovered our new human ancestor Homo naledi Telegraph (2015-09-10)
    9. Geological and taphonomic context for the new hominin species Homo naledi from the Dinaledi Chamber, South Africa eLife (2015-09-10)
    10. Human evolution: The many mysteries of Homo naledi eLife (2015-09-10)
    11. Study: Bones in South African Cave Reveal New Human Relative New York Times (2015-09-10)
    12. New species of extinct human found in cave may rewrite history New Scientist (2015-09-10)
    13. Homo naledi: Unanswered questions about the newest human species New Scientist (2015-09-10)
    14. This Face Changes the Human Story. But How? National Geographic News (2015-09-10)
    15. New Human Species With Orange-Size Brain Performed Ritual Burials LiveScience (2015-09-10)
    16. In Photos: New Human Relative Shakes Up Our Family Tree LiveScience (2015-09-10)
    17. Fossils found in African cave are new species of human kin, say scientists Washington Post (2015-09-10)
    18. Q & A: New relative of human species discovered in South Africa Washington Post (2015-09-10)
    19. Watch paleoartists sculpt the face of our newest human relative Washington Post (2015-09-10)
    20. How Homo naledi fits into the human family tree BBC News (2015-09-10)
    21. Homo naledi: remains found of new species closely related to man – video Guardian (2015-09-10)
    22. New Tiny-Brained Human Found in South African Cave Discovery News (2015-09-10)
    23. Mysterious New Human Species Emerges from Heap of Fossils Scientific American (2015-09-10)
    24. Fossil first: ancient human relative may have buried its dead Reuters (2015-09-10)
    25. Bones in South African Cave Reveal New Human Relative ABC News (2015-09-10)
    26. Study: Bones in South African cave reveal new human relative (2015-09-10)
    27. New species of human relative discovered in S.A. cave EurekAlert (2015-09-10)
    28. Scientists from CU Denver, CU Anschutz help discover new ancient ancestor EurekAlert (2015-09-10)
    29. Ancient ancestor of humans with tiny brain discovered ScienceDaily (2015-09-10)


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General Information

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"Early Homo"

Early Human Phylogeny
-- National Museum of Natural History

Timeline -- Maricopa College
Primates -- Contemporary | Primates -- Prehistoric






Alternative Name




[new discoveries]



"Early Homo"





naledi ?


Homo habilis


  Adapted from Intoduction to Physical Anthropology, 8th ed, Jurmain, Nelson, Kilgore, and Trevathan
(Belmont, CA: Wadsworth/Thomson Learning, 2000, pp. 285 - 290).

Artist's Reconstruction of Male Homo habilis.  

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