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Grounds for Divorce

Causes for divorce and the grounds for divorce may be two separate things.

Among the Ifugao (Luzon) grounds for divorce include:

    1. a bad omen of the bile sac of the sacrificial animal at any one of the four feasts of the marriage ritual

    2. a bad omen of the bile sac at any of the three principle rice feasts of either family during the first year after the completion of the marriage ritual

    3. barrenness

    4. continual dying of offspring

    5. permanent sexual disability

    6. unwillingness to perform the sexual act

    7. neglect in time of sickness; "failure to cherish"

    8. insulting language by an in-law

    9. reduction of the area of fields agreed on in the marriage contract

    10. selling of a rice field for insufficient reasons and without consent the other spouses

    11. continued refusal of a father-in-law to deliver the fields called for in the marriage contract when the couple reaches a reasonable age

    12. incurring of unreasonable debts

Source: E. Adamson Hoebel, Anthropology: The Study of Man, 4th ed. NY: McGraw-Hill, 1972. p. 354.

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