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Cultural Anthropology
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cultural anthropology

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Cultural Anthropology Course Information


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88017 - 001 LEC, 08:00 A.M. - 11:45 A.M,  M,Tu,W,Th (06/04/2012 - 06/29/2012), Cina  214, Roufs, Tim, 3 credits  

Satisfies UMD Liberal Education Requirements for . . .
Category 6—The Social Sciences
** International Perspective Emphasis

Cultural Anthropology is an introduction to representative cultures of the world and to the concepts and methods of cultural anthropology, focusing on the range of variation and degree of uniformity in human behavior and cultural adaptations.

(meets LEIP req of LEIP CAT 6; A - F only)

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Week 1 Welcome Memo

Course Overview:

Cultural Anthropology . . .

  • 4 credits / Grading = A - F

  • prereq: None

  • Meets international perspective requirement
  • Provides an analysis of the range of variation and degree of uniformity in human behavior as revealed through comparative ethnographic study of the major institutions of preliterate societies in all parts of the world

  • Presents a general introduction to cultural anthropology and world cultures

  • Strives to attain insights into why other cultures are as they are and why we are culturally as we are -- to better understand the cultural problems of contemporary human existence
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  • reviews topics such as:

    • Humanity, Culture, and Language
    • The Study of Humanity
    • Culture
    • Culture and Language
    • Theories and Methods of Cultural Anthropology
    • The Development of Anthropological Thought
    • Methods of Investigation
    • Diversity
    • The Peoples of the World
    • Adaptation: Foraging
    • Adaptation: Domestication
    • Exchange in Economic Systems
    • Domestic Life: Marriage, Family, and Residence
    • Kinship: Forming Relationships and Groups
    • Gender in Comparative Perspective
    • The Organization of Political Life
    • Social Inequality and Stratification
    • Relations with the Supernatural (Religion and Magic)
    • Personality Formation and the Life Cycle
    • Anthropology in the Modern World
    • The Changing Human World
    • Ethnicity in the Modern World
    • Applied Anthropology and World Problems
    • The Survival of Indigenous Peoples
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  • Cultural Anthropology and Anth 1602, Prehistoric Cultures, relate to one another and in other places are sometimes taught as one course (Introduction to Anthropology). Thus, some overlap exists between the courses. If you have taken Anth 1602, you might want to review that material from time to time, thereby extending the course coordination on your own.


Case Study: What's New?: Current Trends and New Discoveries

Other Course Information

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