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Functions of the Family

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Economic function of the family -- Wikipedia

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(After Marion J. Levy and L. A. Fallers, American Anthropologist, 1959, vol. 61: 647-651)

  • sexual

    • serves for the institutionalization of mating and the channeling of sexual outlets

      • thus establishes a legal father for a woman's children and a legal mother for a man's children

  • reproductive

    • includes the nurture and basic enculturation of the young in an atmosphere of intimacy

      • prepares them to accept statuses of adulthood

  • economic
    Economic function of the family -- Wikipedia

    • serves as the organization of a complementary division of labor between spouses

    • allocates to each certain rights in the labor of the other and in such goods or property as they may acquire through their individual or joint efforts

  • educational

    • provides for the linkage of each spouse and the offspring within the wider network of kinsmen

      • establishes relationships of descent and affinity

    • sociological fatherhood is determined to place the responsibility for the child on a specific adult

    • there must be jural fatherhood to regularize transference of statuses from one generation to the next

    • a cooperative division of labor makes for greater efficiency and skill in the work that need to be done

    • each sex can perform may skills equally well, but each sex is likely to develop those skills it uses more often

    • the basic functions of the family may be performed with varying degrees of effectiveness from culture to culture

    • the way the details of the functions are carried out can produce remarkably different individual personalities of children and adult
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