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Love Chronicles:
Arranged Marriages

(50 min., 1999, VC 4684)

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"For much of history and for many people today, marriage has nothing to do with love and romance. Instead marriages are arranged by families and matchmakers who place primary importance on suitability and financial gain."


"An ancient tradition gets an American makeover in the A&E documentary Love Chronicles: Arranged Marriages. Host John Corbett takes the viewer behind closed doors for a look at one of the world's oldest transactions involving a bride and groom. Many families continue to arrange unions based on financial or preordained similarities. And often, these marriages last, much to the dismay of critics who claim the ritual is outdated. Sociologists examine the changing face of traditional arranged nuptials in and out of the United States."

~ Sarah Ing, All Movie Guide

My Big Fat Greek Wedding.
John Corbett, Nia Vardalos, Michael Constantine, and Christina Eleusiniotis
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