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A date inscription for the Mayan Long Count.

A date inscription for the Mayan Long Count

Mesoamerican | World | UMD

numbers / numerology

Maya HomePage


2012 phenomenon
(the year)
2012 in fiction
Category: 2012 millenarianism
Maya religion
Mayan Calendar
New Age
Aztec Calendar
Maya calendar

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In the News . . .

Mayan Calendar and Oreo Cookie.

Today's Date in the Maya Calendar


Tzol k'in
20 X 13 = 260 day
Sacred Ritual Calendar

20 X 18 = 360 day
Secular Calendar called the
Haab, also known as the
"Vague Year"

Intermeshing of three calendars

Intermeshing of two gears.



Every 104 years [2 X 52]
the same 3 cogs meet ~ Venus

Venus returns to the same point in the sky
every 8 years (minus two leap days)
[13 X 8 = 104]

Every 52 years the same 2 cogs meet = "The Calendar Round"

The Maya numeral system was essentially vigesimal (i.e., base - 20) -- Maya calendar -- Wikipedia

"Long Count correlates to August 11th, 3114 B.C."

"The last creation ended on a long count of
Another will occur on December 21, 2012"

Will this be the End of the world? -- Wikipedia

Aztec calendar cartoon, with Maya

Cartoon: Mayan end of the world

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