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Ancient Middle America

Spring 2019 Calendar

 map: topographic
  map: Mesoamerica and Its Cultural Areas
 Pre-Hispanic Mesoamerica

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Ancient Middle America Course Information

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Wenatchee, Clovis Points .

The Wenatchee,
Clovis Points

Infinite Voyage Series

The Search for Ancient Americans

57 min., 1988, CC, VC 1299


Search for Ancient America tape.

Abstract Terms / Concepts Notes
Cultures Sites Individuals Bibliography
/ Resources

see also
Clovis traditions


Video: "Coming to America"
Who were the First Americas?


Clovis Blade

Clovis Point

"Demonstrates how . . . technologies are changing the way archaeologists work as they examine evidence that suggests hunter/gatherer tribes moved across the Bering Straits from Siberia and spread across Alaska, the continental United States and Central America."

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Terms / Concepts:

  • atlatl (spear thrower)

    • 15 times the velocity, but 200 times the force (energy)

    • technically they hurl darts not spears

  • ice age (15,000 ybp)

  • "Lost Tribes of Israel"

  • Three bases of cultural change:

    1. invention -- the creation of something new

    2. migration -- the spread of people from one place to another

    3. diffusion -- spread of cultural traits from one culture to another

      • stimulus diffusion -- spread of ideas from one culture to another

  • underwater archaeology

  • Clovis points

    • could these points be ritual objects?

  • stelae
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  • NB: importance of woven items

  • mammoth hunters

  • pilgrimage to a central and sacred place is important

    • in this case Chaco Canyon seems to be the hub

  • ritual autosacrifice

  • archaeological indications of rank

  • before the Preclassic there was no Mesoamerica as such

  • ancient Americans, at 11,000 ybp, entered a world far different from today

  • tools may be ritual objects rather than items like functional spear points

  • 10,200 ybp = one of the oldest intentional human burials in North America

  • Zuni Archaeological Program

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  • Anasazi

    • Chaco Cañon
    • Pueblo Bonito

  • Navajo

  • Clovis Culture

    • the Clovis people were the first to leave a distinct type of tool where ever they went
    • 11,000 - 11,500 tools / artifacts

  • Netsilik ("Eskimo;" inuit)

  • Maya

    • known to "The West" since 1841
    • Copán

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Sites / Locations:

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  • Frederick Catherwood (1841 drawings)
  • Tatiana Proskouriakoff (at Copán and stelea interpretation)
  • Bill Fash
  • Rebecca Storey
  • "Sonny" Cockrel
  • Tom Siver
    • NASA archaeologist
  • Rhonda Adams
  • James Analazio (SP?)
  • Glen Doren
  • John Romey
  • Mike Marshall
  • Greg McDowell
  • Lance Haynes

Web Sites:

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