Open Positions

Do you like our research and you want to learn more about protein function while developing a toolset of computational chemistry techniques? Are you a motivated UMD student at any level? Are you planning to join UMD as a graduate student? Send me an email or stop by my office, hardworking students are always welcome to join the group!


Katie Schneider

Katie Schneider - Undergraduate Student

I'm Katie, I am a Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major in my senior year. I am studying allosteric coupling in dystrophin's spectrin repeats. I enjoy playing soccer and my career goal is to become an optometrist.

Matthew Terhaar

Matthew Terhaar - Undergraduate Student

I'm Matt, I am a second year Chemistry major. I am studying the conformational landscape accessible to phthalocyanine ligands in solution. I enjoy skiing and snowboarding.

Adam Jersett

Adam Jersett - Graduate Student

I'm Adam, I am a second year graduate student. I am investigating how oxidation of methionine residues affects protein stability.



Anne Hinderliter University of Minnesota - Duluth
Victor Nemykin University of Minnesota - Duluth
Gianluigi Veglia University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
Jonathan Sachs University of Minnesota - Twin Cities