The University of Minnesota Duluth's position on James Fetzer's conspiracy theories.

James Fetzer is a UMD Philosophy Professor Emeritus and conspiracy theorist. He retired from UMD in 2006. His theories are his own and are not endorsed by the University of Minnesota Duluth or the University of Minnesota System.

As faculty emeriti, Fetzer's work is protected by the University of Minnesota Regents Policy on Academic Freedom, which protects creative expression and the ability to speak or write on matters of public interest without institutional discipline or restraint.

Evolution and Cognition

Curriculum Vitae for Evolution and Cognition

James H. Fetzer

Authored Books:

THE EVOLUTION OF INTELLIGENCE: Are Humans the Only Animals with Minds? Chicago, IL: Open Court, 2005, pp. xx + 272.

RENDER UNTO DARWIN: Philosophical Aspects of the Christian Right's Crusade Against Science. Chicago, IL: Open Court, 2007, pp. xx + 220.

Edited Books:

CONSCIOUSNESS EVOLVING. Amsterdam, The Netherlands: John Benjamins Publishers, 2002 (Advances in Consciouness Research) xix + 251 pp.

Articles and Reviews:

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