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TH 1001
Introduction to Theatre Arts

Section 2

On-line Discussion Groups Using

Canvas Course Management System

Each student of this class is expected to read the text required for the course: The Theatre Experience by Edwin Wilson. After each chapter has been read, students are required to post comments to the members of their discussion group on line in response to the prompt provided by the instructor using the online discussion forum established through the Canvas Course Management System.

On-line discussions should not be confused with chat rooms. This forum is intended for reflective commentary in response to the reading materials, guest speakers and plays viewed, as well as other relevant research and comments posted by the group.

To Log-On Canvas:

• Click on "Canvas Course Management System" at the top of this page or go to <>
• Enter your username and password.
• Read appropriate chapter discussion prompts.
• Read other student comments.
• Post your own comments, opinions and observations.

Postings are to be made only after having read the assigned readings.

Up to 5 points are possible for each of thirteen weeks of discussion for a total of 65 points for the semester. Students will be rewarded with points based upon the quality of their postings.

1 point = postings that make your presence known by responding to the postings of others.

3 points = postings that answers the questions from the prompt, or make insightful comments regarding the postings of others.

5 points = postings citing specific pages in the text that indicate complete understanding of the reading material.

Point accumulations will be posted at: <> and can be viewed by clicking on the Grades icon at the top of this page.

Go to the course daily schedule to find out the discussion topic for specific weeks of the course.

Posting Deadlines

On-line discussion questions are posted on Friday. To be eligible for points, responses must be posted before midnight the following Wednesday. Postings are read, and points rewarded, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

If you are having trouble with your UMD internet account, contact the Information Technology Systems & Services regarding your UMD Email/Internet Account at <>

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