TH 4351
Portfolio Preparation and Presentation

Resume and Letter of Application


Project Objective

This project includes finding a job opportunity that meets your current credentials, composing a cover letter and creating an appropriate resume. The project is due in draft and final form. The draft will be presented to the class for feedback. The final project is to be submitted to the instructor. Actually mailing the application is optional.

To Be Handed In

• Copy of job announcement
• Cover letter with your signature
• One-page resume with references
• Addressed legal envelope (postage not required)
• Photo collage of design work (optional)

Layout for Cover Letter
Sample Letter

How to Write a Cover Letter People Will Actually Read

UMD's Writers' Workshop

The UMD Writers' Workshop is located on the second floor of the Martin Library in the Learning Commons area. Assistance for all types of writing is available. Students are encouraged to drop in or make an appointment. For more information, go to the Writers' Workshop Home Page at <>

Links to Job Listings

Offstage <>
Minnesota PlayList Classifieds <

For links to additional placement services, go to Mark Harvey's Job Opportunities web site at: <>
Warning: Some of these placement services may require a subscription.