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Undergraduate researchers are welcome to work on several ongoing projects in my research lab at UMD.  Interested in Aquatic Biology, Molecular Biology, or Microbiology? - Our projects use state-of-the-art techniques to help answer questions about prokaryotic microorganisms in aquatic environments.   Undergraduate students who have worked in my lab have gone on to become successful graduate students or are currently employed by industries, government agencies, or academic institutions.

Contact me now!  If you write a successful proposal to the UMD Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP), then you can receive a salary and research supplies to work with us.  The UROP program has proposal deadlines each year in early October and again in early March.  You can learn more at the UROP web site ( and get application materials from the College of Science & Engineering (140 Engr. Bldg.).

College credit (Biol 3994) can also be arranged to work on a research project with us. Some students might even be paid from my research grants to work on other projects, which can lead to full-time employment during the summer.  Some preference may be given to students with prior training in microbiology, molecular biology, or sophomores or juniors who can work with us during the following summer.

If exploring the unknown excites you and you are committed to working with us over the next year, then please contact me NOW!

Dr. Randall E. Hicks            Email:
Department of Biology, Swenson Science Bldg. 153C
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