CS 8761 - Natural Language Processing - Fall 2002

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Required Reading and Suggested Activities

The class meets on Monday and Wednesday from 3pm until 4:40 pm in Heller Hall 302. The first class meeting is Wednesday, September 4.

Final Project : MRD + WEB => CORPUS

Project Teams . Curious about team names?

The overall objective of this project is to create a data-driven solution to the problem of sentiment classification (is a review positive or negative), where the data comes from the WWW and machine readable dictionaries.

Dec 17, 2002 : Here are the final projects as submitted by the teams. They consist of an interface to LDOCE, an interface to the Macquarie Dictionary (BigMac), and an interface to the WWW. Information from all of these sources is combined to carry out sentiment classification. Sentiment Classification! . Stage 3, various due dates.
review data collected by class.

More words, words, words . Stage 1 improvements, due Wed Nov 27, noon.
The web is your oyster . Stage 2, warm-up version due Mon Nov 25, noon
Words, words, words . Stage 1, beta version due Mon Nov 18, noon. My comments.

Final Exam Take Home Question

Final Exam, due Weds, Dec 18, noon

Programming Assignments

The Shannon Game, assignment 1, due Mon, Sept 30 noon
comments on assignment protocols and some comments on the Shannon Game itself.

The Great Collocation Hunt, assignment 2, due Fri, Oct 11 noon
Comments on my test cases. A few comments on the assignment.
Read the student's reports on their experiments.

How to Find Meanings in Li(f|n)e assignment 3, due Wed, Nov 1, noon
Read the student's
reports on their experiments.

A Continuing Quest for Meanings in Li(f|n)e assignment 4, due Mon, Nov 11, noon
Read the student's
reports on their experiments.

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