Previous Members

  • Shirisha Jonnalagadda

    I am from Warangal, India. I am interested in research in chemistry and biology. I am doing Ph.D. in Integrated Biosciences at University of Minnesota. I worked in Dr. Mereddy’s lab on synthesis, in vitro and in vivo evaluation of novel small molecules as cancer therapeutics. I am married to Sravan Jonnalagadda, who also worked in the same lab. If I get any free time, I like to paint on canvas... It relaxes me :)
  • Sravan Jonnalagadda

    I am from a small town called Yanam which is in the southern part of India. A few things that I am interested are Chemistry, Yoga, and Research. I finished my Ph.D. program in Integrated Biosciences (IBS) in fall 2013. I am continued my research in Dr. Mereddy’s lab. I am mostly interested in synthesizing novel small molecules for therapeutics.
  • Lucas Solano

    My name is Lucas Solano. My hobbies are watching movies, hiking, football, cooking. I am interested in medicinal chemistry and cancer research.
  • Erica Lueth

    I'm Erica Lueth! I graduated UMD in 2017. I did my undergraduate at UMD and fell in love with research and decided to stay to complete my masters! Right now I work for a medical diagnostic company called DiaSorin as a scientist in Stillwater MN. DiaSorin focuses its efforts to 8 fields of immunodiagnostics: Infectious diseases, Bone and Mineral, Endocrinology, Hypertension, Oncology, Gastro-Intestinal infections, Autoimmunity and Brain and Cardiac markers.
  • Grady Nelson

    I grew up down in the Twin Cities in Brooklyn Park. I went to high school at Champlin Park. I started out my college career at the University of Minnesota: Duluth campus. I decided to go to duluth because I love the atmosphere. It is a small town feel but has a lot to offer, and the lake is really nice to be by. It was here that I took interest in Biochemistry. At the end of my undergraduate, I was able to get a double major in Chemistry and Biochemistry. In my Junior year I started to work in this lab. I then began my masters program at the university and will presently be graduating with a masters in chemistry and then moving on to a PhD in chemical biology. During this time here I have watched the lab grow as we became more interdisciplinary, and look forward to the upcoming projects.
  • Ellen Motley

    I was an undergraduate research assistant in Dr. Mereddy's lab.