Chemistry Building

  • Fume Hoods

    With 8 new fume hoods and 2 older ones, we have enough space to set up multiple reactions required for our structure activity relationship studies.
  • Rotary Evaporators

    Another important part of a chemistry lab are the rotary evaporators.
  • Glove Box

    For those air sensitive catalysts we have access to a glove box. In there we can weigh out air and moisture sensitive catalysts that we require and run reactions.
  • 500MHz NMR

    The Chemistry Department’s NMR machine allows us to characterize the compounds from our experiments, and get an idea of the contaminants that might be present.
  • Flourimeter

    Characterization of some of our compounds is a vital part of our research. One of these characteristics is fluorescence. The fluorimeter in the Chemistry Department is perfect for finding the emission and excitation wavelengths.
  • Graduate Student Office

    Each graduate student is assigned a workspace. Here we can see them working hard.
  • Glycolytic Station

    To keep up with the demands of research, students require a top notch refueling station. Complete with the most important chemical, caffeine.
  • Think Tank

    This is where the magic happens every day. We have meetings in which the data from the day drives us to the next stage or requires us to modify our previous theory. Here is where the greatest ideas were put in the form of proposals.
  • UV/ VIS

    The UV/ Vis in the Chemistry Department is another important instrument. It is a good piece of machinery that is used for looking at the spectrum of a sample. Combined with the fluorometer right next door, the two are good for calculating quantum yields.