Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Viktor V. Zhdankin
Research Description


   Our research program in general is aimed at the development of new synthetic methodologies based on the organic chemistry of hypervalent main-group elements. Hypervalent compounds are generally defined as “ions or molecules of the elements of Groups 15-18 bearing more electrons than the octet within a valence shell”. In current synthetic literature, this terminology is commonly applied toward the synthetically useful organic reagents, derivatives of main-group elements in high oxidation states, such as polyvalent iodine, tellurium, selenium, antimony, and bismuth. It has been recognized that there are many similarities between hypervalent main group compounds and organic transition metal complexes. The reactions of hypervalent molecules are commonly discussed in terms of oxidative addition, reductive elimination, ligand exchange, and ligand coupling, which are typical of the transition metal chemistry. Exploration and practical utilization of these similarities may lead to the development of new useful methodologies for modern organic synthesis. Compared to other hypervalent main-group elements, the chemistry of hypervalent iodine(III) and iodine(V) compounds has attracted a special research interest due to the very useful oxidizing properties of these compounds, combined with their benign environmental character.
Specific objectives of our current research program include: (i) development of new oxidizing reagents based on organic compounds of iodine(III) and iodine(V), (ii) development of environmentally sustainable recyclable hypervalent iodine reagents, and (iii) the catalytic applications of hypervalent organoiodine compounds.
    Other areas of our research interests include the chemistry of organoxenon(II) compounds, organoboronic acids, synthetic organofluorine chemistry, and the chemistry of acetylenes.

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