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Friday, 06 March 2015, 11:47 (11:47 AM) CST, day 065 of 2015

Prehistoric Cultures

Fall 2012 Calendar -- DAY [archive]

Fall 2012 Calendar -- EVENING [archive]

Dates and Times to Remember

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Friday, 06 March 2015, 17:47 (05:47 PM) GMT, day 065 of 2015
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Male chimpanzee
Male chimpanzee

Female chimpanzee
Female chimpanzee

Source:Turnbaugh, et al. (2002),
p. 141





General Information

Common Chimp

Bonobo / Pygmy Chimpanzee

Chart: Primates -- Contemporary

Prehistoric and Contemporary Primates
(class handout .pdf)

Jane Goodall Research

chimpanzee -- Wikipedia

More Photos

Animated Chimp


Geographical distribution of modern African apes
Geographical distribution
of modern African apes

Source:Turnbaugh, et al. (2002).
Understanding Physical
Anthropology and Archaeology,
8th ed
, p. 140

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In the News . . .

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"Chimps R Us," Alan Alda, Scientific American Frontiers
03 April 2001 -- Guide

The Last Great Ape -- Nova

Interview with Jane Goodall, Science Friday,
National Public Radio, 27 September 2002
Minnesota Public Radio, 29 November 2002

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chimpanzee -- Wikipedia

search chimpanzee on JSTOR


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Common Chimpanzee
Pan troglodytes

chimpanzee -- Wikipedia

search chimpanzee on JSTOR



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Bonobo / Pygmy Chimpanzee
Pan paniscus

bonobo -- Wikipedia

search bonoboon JSTOR

chimpanzee -- Wikipedia

search chimpanzee on JSTOR

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Chimpanzee Hip Jane Goodall photo Bonobo
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