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Anthropology in the News



Friday, 29 May 2015, 13:35 (01:35 PM) CDT, day 149 of 2015

Prehistoric Cultures

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Friday, 29 May 2015, 18:35 (06:35 PM) GMT, day 149 of 2015
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The Iceman

"Ötzi"  The Iceman

"Feb. 25, 2011 -- Brown-eyed, bearded, furrow faced, and tired: this is how Ötzi the Iceman might have looked, according to the latest reconstruction based on 20 years of research and investigations." -- DiscoveryNews (25 February 2011)


"Ötzi"  The Iceman


Brad Pitt appears to sport an Ötzi tattoo.

Brad Pitt appears to sport an Ötzi tattoo.


watch the video
Iceman Murder Mystery
(NOVA October, 2011)
  Iceman Murder Mystery HomePage

The Iceman video guide
(56 min., 1992, UM DULUTH Library Multimedia GN778.22.I8 I23 1998 DVD)

Ötzi the Iceman -- Wikipedia


Ötzi, the Iceman.  

Ötzi, the Iceman


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In the News . . .


Brad Pitt appears to sport an Ötzi tattoo.

Tattoo lines on the arm of the Tyrolean iceman, Ötzi.
(Image: © South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology / Eurac / Marco Samadelli / Gregor Staschitz)

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Anthropology in the News

Otzi the Iceman had six different kinds of mosses in his gut -- (1 Dec 2008)

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From Anthropology in the News, Texas A&M Anthropology

Iceman May Have No Living Relatives National Geographic News (10/30/08)

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From Anthropology in the News -- Texas A&M Anthropology

Mummified Iceman's Ancient Job Determined LiveScience (8/20/08)


Whack to Head, Not Arrow, Killed Iceman Discovery News (8/30/07)


Iceman 'Bled to Death on Glacier' BBCNews (6/6/07)


Infertility Link in Iceman's DNA BBCNews (2/03/06)


Ice Mummy's Curse Returns ANSA (11/4/05)


Scientist Seen as Latest 'Victim' of Iceman Guardian (4/20/05)


Theory- Iceman Oetzi Wore High-Tech Shoe Discovery (2/21/05)


Finder of 'Iceman' Found Dead in Austrian Alps Yahoo (10/23/04)


Iceman Discoverer Claims Reward BBC News (12/22/03)


Iceman's Mummy Gets a New Home Discovery (12/3/03)


Iceman Mystery Solved BBCNews (10/31/03)


Dozens of women want Bronze Age hunter's babies -- Ananova


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Ötzi the Iceman.

Ötzi the Iceman

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