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Culture and Personality
(Psychological Anthropology)

 Spring 2015 Calendar
Tuesday, 28 April 2015, 05:21 (05:21 AM) CDT, day 118 of 2015
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Frequently Asked Questions

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If you have other questions, please stop by Cina 215, or e-mail:

  • If a section is closed, how do I get a "magic number?"

    • To get a magic number first talk with the instructor. Then see Judy Salyards in Cina 228 to either get your magic number, or, alternately, to get on a waiting list. If you are put on a waiting list but are not able to get into a section, then you will be guaranteed a place the next time the class is taught.

    • The enrollments in some of our classrooms, for example, Cina 214, are regulated by the Fire Marshal and when those rooms are full, by law, they are full. There is not much we can do at that point. Room capacities regulated by the Fire Marshal generally have a little red sign indicating the offical room capacity. Thanks for your understanding.

  • Why does it usually take you so long to answer a simple question? It seems like you often get "sidetracked" with your answers.

    • I'll try to keep this answer short.

    • The best time to learn is when one has a question. When a question is asked in class the answer will generally include materials that were scheduled for discussion at a later date. For example, you might ask about the Aztecs the first week of class. The answer to that may seem long and "sidetracked" because part of the answer is part of the culture-bound psychological syndroms like [running] amok , lectures scheduled for Week xxx. Then, when we get to the time originally scheduled for amok, I skip over the materials covered when the question was originally asked in class. And so it goes that way. . . .

    • Main Terms, Concepts, Ideas and People in Culture and Personality Studies

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