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Culture and Personality
(Psychological Anthropology)

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Tuesday, 31 March 2015, 23:49 (11:49 PM) CDT, day 090 of 2015
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CP Presentation

Your Presentation is basicaly a 8-10 minute preliminary report
on your Semester Research Project.

It is a preliminary report of your Term Paper,
to a different audience (your classmates), and with a different style (informal)

Think of your presentation as a TED talk for your classmates,
if you are familiar with TED talks,
without having to pay the $3,500-$15,000 fee to give your talk at a TED conference.

(If you are not familiar with TED talks, you should check on them. Have a look at some TED Talks, TED Psychology Talk Index. TED Talks Topics.)

Demosthenes Practising Oratory (1870)
Jean-Jules-Antoine Lecomte du Nouy
Peoples and Cultures of Europe Project =
Term Paper
(on the same topic)
Charles Dickens, 1842, Francis Alexander.
Charles Dickens
Details of Term Paper

Length: 8-10 minute presentation in class

See Term Paper WebSite for information on selecting a topic

Face-toFace (f2f) Presentations will be in-class, and may include any or none of the following listed below . . .

For an excellent example of "none of the above," have a look at the YouTube Presentation of
Joel Salatin, at the 3rd Annual Community Wellness Day April 28th 2012 at UMD

(Remember Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm from the videos and the text?)

On-line Presentations should include one (or more) of the following . . .

  • Video Presentation

    • Video projects should be 10-12 minutes long
      (see detailed information in oral presentations)

  • Web Based Presentation

    • Web projects should have between 10-20 interactive pages

    (YouTube -- Wikipedia)

    other presentation resources

  • PowerPoint presentation

    • As with any presentation, it is good to have a beginning, middle, and an end. Usually the beginning contains what in writing they call a "thesis statement."

    • PowerPoint projects for this course should be well-crafted and professional, and about 25-30 slides in length, with narration or narrative text as part of the program itself (and not simply presented, for e.g., as presenter's notes in a powerpoint presentation).

      • the numbers 25-30 slides are just guidelines. You may have more slides if you like.


  • Tools

    • The use of Prezi is Discouraged

see also


More Topics
Understanding Cultural Metaphors
Oral Presentations -- General Information
Suggested Presentation Stragegies

WebPages of the Countries, Cultures, Regions, Areas, and Territories WebPages available on this site available on this WebSite

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