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Technical Requirements for On-Line Courses

  • You will need a desktop/laptop/tablet. In addition, you may choose to also use a smart phone, ipod Touch or feature phone that has web connectivity. This will enable you to access your course material at anytime, even if you are not at a computer and provided that you are carrying your mobile device and have web access.

  • Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, Mac OS 10.x

  • Storage capacity: 40 GB hard drive recommended

  • Processor Speed (this measures how quicky the CPU runs): 1.5 GHz (minimum)

  • Internet Connection: 802.11b Wireless network or 10/100 Ethernet network

  • Memory (manages all your open programs and improves the speed at which each process can run): 1GB RAM (minimum)

  • Recommended accessories: Flash drive 1GB or more, Microphone, Headphones (if you are working in a quite zone and need to listen to audio or watch a video), Webcam (if there is not a built in microphone or webcam)

  • Other recommendations: Always back up your assignments on your hard drive, as well as an external storage device such as a flash drive. In addition to backing up your information and coursework on your hard drive and external devices, upload your course work to ePortfolio or Netfiles. This is a good way to archive all your College coursework and may be beneficial while putting together a professional portfolio, resume or C.V.

  • Perform regular virus checks, updates to your system and applications

  • Computer hardware and software can be purchased at the UMD Computer corner or U Mart online

  • Moodle Support

  • Basic Software: Open Office, Microsoft office, You can also use Google docs for basic word processing, PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets etc.

  • List of software available to students

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