Class Blackboard for December 14


bullet Roll

bullet Collect Printout Text of Gathering Project!

bullet Revision Project and Commentary due by Tuesday at noon.

The Revision Project will be due by noon on Tuesday, 12/19. Please post the URLs of both the revision and the original to the Webx discussion "revision URLs," being sure to label which one is which.Questions on the ReVision Project?

To prepare for the ReVision Project, copy the files and folders from the original project's folder into the "revision" folder inside of "5250" (www/5250/revision). Be sure to leave the original project in its own folder.

Please turn in a printed commentary to my mailbox in H420 by that same deadline.

bullet Course Evaluations

bullet Questionnaire

Please complete this brief, multi-choice quesitonnaire by the end of class today.



bullet Workshop of Gathering Pieces

After before class on today, please do the following:

  1. Review the workshopping page for ideas about what you might discuss in your comments.
  2. Visit the projects scheduled for Tuesday in the schedule below.
  3. Type written comments and suggestions for each project scheduled for Tuesday in a word-processing document saved on your disk.
  4. Printout the comments to bring to class for your use during the workshop.
  5. Before class begins, copy and paste your comments into the form on the page "Workshop Comments for Today."

By midnight after each day's workshop,

Use the e-mail list on the the form "Workshop Comments for Today" to send each author your comments on his or her project.

Tuesday, December 12 Thursday, December 14

1. Gregg G.
2. Megan J.
3. Mao (Mollie) Y.

4. Amanda D.
5. Zack G

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