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Welcome back to the second half of the school year. The ME club wishes you success in everything this semester. Come to the meetings for refreshments, and make the most of the opportunities that present themselves. Don't be afraid to get involved.
  Tours to come as well

ASME and IIE Club Goals:

Our ASME and IIE programs at the University of Minnesota Duluth are growing every year.  There are always opportunities to do new things.  For example, we had the first annual Cardboard Boat Race a couple years ago.  It was a big hit with the students and staff, and we have received much encouragement. It was such a success, that we have it planned again this year.

One of our goals besides events and tours is to increase membership. Official ASME membership helps fund our club and it's programs. We have a meeting usually once a month, and there is usually free pizza.  At our meetings we are really pushing involvement, especially in design competitions.  We have already seen a lot of interest from fellow students in the Student Professional Development Conference.

Our final goal is to make the department a better place than when we entered it.  We are going to achieve this through increasing student involvement, new events, and cooperation with other student organizations.  With our time, dedication, and energy this is a very possible goal and its signs of plausibility have already shown.

Last updated: 10/31/2013

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