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Anthropology of Europe
(fka Peoples and Cultures of Europe)

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Europa and the Bull, Moreay.

Europa and the Bull

Enlèvement d'Europe
  Nöel-Nicolas Coypel, c. 1726

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Map of Italy

enlarged map
from The CIA World Factbook

 Flag of Italy.  Click for national anthem.
  national anthem
  Il Canto degli Italiani
(the Song of the Italians)
also known as Fratelli d'Italia and l'Inno di Mameli


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Anthropology of Italy Network -- Society for the Anthropological Study of Europe


Italy -- Wikipedia

Cuisine of Italy -- Wikipedia

Italian Dictionaries


La Scala Opera House

Teatro alla Scala

Letizia Colajanni and Cosimo Vassallo as Gilda and Duke of Mantua in UMD's 2006 Sieur Du Luth Arts Festival performance of Giuseppe Verdi's Rigoletto.

Letizia Colajanni and Cosimo Vassallo as Gilda and Duke of Mantua in UMD's 2006 Sieur Du Luth Arts Festival performance of Giuseppe Verdi's Rigoletto

Enrico Caruso sings
La donna è mobile
La donna è mobile
play in browser (beta)
-- Wikipedia

Photo by Patti L. Tolo

Map of regions of Italy.
Italy --

2023 Useful Sources for
Global Cultures Projects and
  Anthropology of Europe Projects


Map of Italy -- The CIA World Factbook
News Media
Country Profiles
The CIA World Factbook > Italy
Italy Slide Decks

In the News . . .

  • newspapers / newsnetworks specific to Italy and its environs
  • bibliography

    • Read: Gannon, Martin J., and Rajnandini (Raj) K. Pillai. (2015). Chapter 19, “The Italian Opera.” Understanding Global Cultures, 6thEd.Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE. ("The Italian Opera" 4th edition)

  • books

    • Fernández-Armesto, Felipe. Before Columbus: Exploration and Colonization from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic, 1229-1492. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1987.


 Map of regions of Italy.

Source: S.T., from Artemka. Unification of Italy – image/gif. 29 April 2013. Wikicommons.

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