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Tuesday, 16 April 2024, 20:58 (08:58 PM) CDT, day 107 of 2024

Prehistoric Cultures

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Wednesday, 17 April 2024, 01:58 (01:58 AM) GMT, day 108 of 2024
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Becoming Human

Part 1 "First Steps"
Part 2 "Birth of Humanity"
Part 3 "Last Human Standing"

Becoming Human.

(60 min., 2010, DVD 1964)


Part 1 "First Steps"

Salem," aka "Lucy's Baby" (National Geographic Image.

"Selam," aka "Lucy's Baby"

National Geographic Photo

Part 2 "Birth of Humanity"

"Turkana Boy," aka Nariokotome and Homo ergaster

"Turkana Boy"
Homo erectus
reconstruction by Gary Sawyer
© AMNH / Rod Mickens

Homo erectus / Nariokotome

Part 3 "Last Human Standing"


Gibraltar I: Reconstruction of a ca. four-year-old Neandertal. PBS

Gibraltar I: Reconstruction of a ca. four-year-old Neandertal

(aka Homo neanderthalensis or Homo sapiens neandertalensis)
Homo sapiens sapiens


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