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"Postmarital" Residence Patterns

Index to Marriage and Kinship / Descent

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  • uxorilocal -- postmarital residence practice where a married couple settles in the locale of the woman's parents

    • basically synonomous with matrilocal

  • avunculocal --

  • virilocal -- after marriage the newlywed couple settles in the locality of the husband's primary conjugal-natal family

    • "residence of the father"


  • ambilocal -- postmarital residence pattern in which the couple may reside with either the husband's or the wife's group


  • bilocal -- it's up to the couple to decide where to live

    • usually this occurs where there is little fixed property and weak social organization



  • neolocal -- independent establishment of residence without too much reference to the prior location of the primary conjugal-natal family

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